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What is WoodsCamp?

WoodsCamp is an internet tool that helps private woodland owners in the United States connect with programs, services, and professionals to help them care for their land.

By leveraging the best available mapping data, WoodsCamp creates a free personalized report highlighting opportunities matched to your goals and the conditions in the forest.

How do I get my free report?

Select your state, find your land on the map and answer a few quick questions on the provided form. You will receive an email within a few hours that will provide you with unique opportunities based on your property.


of threatened species listed in the United States in 2018.

When a species moves from threatened to endangered, The Endangered Species Act is often implemented as a prohibitive policy, regulating the use of privately owned land.

Funding may be available to help protect, restore and enhance the environment associated with certain species.

8.1 million

acres were burned from wildfire in the United States in 2018.

There are steps that you can take to help prevent wildfire on your property, PLUS funding programs may be available to help take action and to minimize the risk of wildfire in your forest.

60 million

Americans rely on the forest ecosystem for drinking water.

Behind every drop of water from your tap, exists an entire forest ecosystem. Forest lands contain important rivers and aquifer systems that provide drinking water for the United States. Funding programs may be available to help keep water systems in your forest clean.

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